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Guiding you to connect with and embrace your health journey.

Inspiring your evolution

To evolve is to reach for something better. It begins by getting to know your body and what works best for it. At Evolve Wellness Center, our goal is to help you achieve your true self.

How we can help you evolve.

e•volve: to change or develop slowly, often into a better, more complex,

or more advanced state: to develop by a process of evolution.

Through personalized therapeutic massage and nutrition consultation,

the mother-daughter team of Joy and Dani will guide you on your path

to reach your health and wellness goals.

Therapeutic Massage

Nutrition Consultation

Contact Us

We are located at the
Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinty Complex
Strong Hall
1100 South Goodman Street
Suites 319 & 321
Rochester, NY 14620

Office: 585-628-3545

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