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Massage Policies & Procedures

Ethics & Trauma-Informed Care

As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) I follow a Code of Ethics, dictated by the State of New York. All information clients provide, both written and verbal, will remain confidential as allowed by the law. My role is to assist you in meeting your goals of relaxation, stress reduction, and pain management. I will treat you ethically and fairly and will establish an atmosphere of trust and respect during each session. I ask the same of you in return.

Trauma awareness is an important part of my practice. My goal is to create and maintain clear communication, collaboration and consent. I welcome you as you are.

Open and continued conversations around your treatment preferences can be helpful to our work together. Things such as (but not limited to) pressure preference, talking during the session or not, type of music, choice around level of undress and areas of the body that don’t wish to receive touch may change from session to session. Your massage will be a unique and customized experience each time you visit.

I will check in at the beginning of every session. You have full permission and are invited to let me know at any time if there is anything that needs adjustment, you change your mind about a previous choice, or if accommodations can be made to enhance your comfort or experience.

Intake Process

New clients will receive an intake form to complete before arrival to the first session, sent to the e-mail address provided at booking. If you are unable to complete the online intake form, let me know and I will provide a paper copy at your first visit.
If it is your first visit, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment start time so we have time for an in-person intake before the hands-on portion begins. If you are a returning client, please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment start time.

Sessions begin and end at the scheduled appointment time.
Booking time is inclusive of consultation and treatment.


I do not accept tips for my services.
This allows for clear and transparent pricing – no guesswork!

Medical Conditions

Under certain medical conditions, massage/bodywork may not be advised, for example when a fever is present, infection, skin rashes, other illnesses or recent surgery. If massage could be potentially harmful to a client’s condition, I reserve the right to decline to perform the massage.

Inappropriate Behavior

I have a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior and comments. In the event that a client displays inappropriate behavior, the session will end immediately. The client will be charged the full amount of the session and asked to leave. No future appointments will be accepted. I reserve the right to take action. For privacy and comfort, draping with a sheet is required during the entire massage. If a client feels they are subject to inappropriate behavior, or something that makes them uncomfortable in any way, please speak up and communicate this. Clients reserve the right to end a session at any time.

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