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Building Connection in Relationship to Food

Connection: a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.

Connection is something you may find elusive with food – you may not feel in relationship with your eating habits and/or with your body. Do you put pressure on yourself to eat perfectly and are often disappointed with yourself for “eating wrong?”

We often desire to make meaning, find purpose, and seek validation that we are eating the right way and eating the right foods by following the latest diet plan, and seeking guidance from social media and the internet – we look for connection outside of ourselves. Unfortunately, this approach is hit and miss, and often provides us with a rigid set of food rules that we may or may not connect with at a deeper level and be sustainable overtime.

Why not consider turning inwards? When you begin to understand your personal “what’s and why’s” around food and eating, with a spirit of curiosity, kindness, and nonjudgement you have the opportunity to build connection with self that is authentic and based on your unique inner knowledge and lived experiences.

Intuitive eating and mindfulness-based eating practices offer a non-diet approach that promote connection with self, encouraging you to feel more grounded and aware as you gently navigate your relationship with food.

Want to learn more? I would love to meet with you!

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